EV Meet ups

Join the World EV Day EnviroDrive: A 100-Mile Journey from Braintree to Norwich!

John Hills

Envirorally have gone above and beyond with their EV Meetup for World EV Day™ 2023.

Experience the thrill of electric vehicles (EVs) like never before with the World EV Day EnviroDrive event. Charge up to embark on a 100-mile drive from the GRIDSERVE forecourt in Braintree to their forecourt in Norwich on the 9th of September. Welcoming any and all EVs! 

Setting off between 08:00 and 10:00 from Braintree, you'll enjoy a scenic route that employs simple tulip navigation, making the journey easy to follow and enjoyable for everyone. Remember, each team must consist of a minimum of two people, so grab a friend or a fellow EV enthusiast to join in the adventure.

But it's not just about the drive – GRIDSERVE has a lot more in store for you. At both forecourts, you'll have the chance to explore their top-notch facilities and take part in various engaging activities. Fancy trying out an e-bike or an e-scooter? How about test driving an EV from the GRIDSERVE leasing lineup? 

While this event isn't a race, it does celebrate efficient driving. The most environmentally conscious and skillful driver will be recognized and honoured.

Excited to take part? Register now by filling out the form. Don't miss out on this incredible opportunity to celebrate World EV Day in style. Let's drive change, together!