Are you an EV driver and want to share your knowledge and passion for EVs?


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Be part of something big for World EV Day™ 2022.

Meet other EV owners in your area and help those thinking of going electric and by creating your own World EV day EV Meet-Up.

And join hundreds of thousands of people, across the world, meeting up for the biggest EV celebration on the planet.



  • Find a location: EV hub, car park, a green space, etc
  • Download our social kit and create a call out on social media. If you’re a member of Facebook group for your vehicle, post to that.
  • Let us know your plans here at
  • Then hold your EV Meet-Up!
  • We’d love to know how it goes. Share your experience with hashtag #evmeetups and #WEVD2022
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See you there!

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