Official Partners

Celebrating its fifth year in 2024, World EV Day™ exists to propel global engagement around EVs and supporting the wider transition to emobility.

By becoming an official partner of World EV Day™, you will be joining what is the biggest emobility campaign of the year, trending on X and as one of the biggest global sustainability channels on LinkedIn.  

Join World EV Day™ in 2024 and let's drive change together.

Official Partner content marketing offer:

Official package

A full suite of video and digital print content assets to propel your emobility campaign and World EV Day™ activation.

  • Access to World EV Day™ trademarked logos
  • A set of pre-made social assets (video indent and static posts)
  • Pre-made 30sec World EV Day™ B-roll social video including your logo
  • Listed as a partner on World EV Day™ website, including backlink to your website
  • Announcement of partnership across World EV Day™ social media channels
  • Use of the World EV Day™ blog to promote activations and key messaging

Official Premium package

All elements outlined above, plus an enhanced package of exposure through email and leading emobility title ElectricDrives.

  • 2 x ElectricDrives articles (this includes email and social media marketing support of both articles through ElectricDrives database and channels)
  • Email announcement of partnership to World EV Day™ database

So get in touch with our team here to discuss your partnership: