EV Meet ups

EV City, Christchurch, New Zealand - Meetup

James Fahey

EV City, a car dealership located in Christchurch, New Zealand, recently took part in a ‘Meet-Up’ event as part of World EV Day™ before they were cut short due to the sad news of the passing of the Her Majesty the Queen. As a mark of respect, the day was promptly cancelled and moved to 29 September under the new banner of World EV Day+20

The car dealership based in New Zealand’s third largest city focuses on the key elements of World EV Day. The development of electric vehicles (EVs) and educating the population on these zero-emissions vehicles and their advantages. In addition to this, EV City has pledged to plant trees as part of its sustainability programme.

On September 9, EV City, along with a group of local electric vehicle enthusiasts, organised a road trip convoy with around 30 vehicles, to showcase electric cars and their positive assets. Cars ranged from a BYD e6 Taxi and Nissan LEAFs through to Teslas and a Hyundai IONIQ. A special participation award went to New Zealand's first Tesla Model Y that came down from Hanmer Springs to join in the celebrations. 

This event shows that EV Meet-Ups don’t need to be large scale to prove successful. The ability to inform and educate smaller populations and communities about electric vehicles on this scale truly helps to spread the word. This then makes it easier for the message to be communicated on a national and global level with communities already having an understanding of EVs.

The growth on a local scale therefore cannot be understated. These community-based Meet-Ups, along with the messages put out by industry partners, such as AutoTrader, help with the overall education and spreading the word on e-mobility.

https://fb.watch/fs7ATWru7z/ - Link to a video of the whole event