EV Insights

Episode Two: What makes electric cars good?

Auto Trader

Auto Trader took a group of petrolheads out on a track day with Rory Reid to see if they could be converted from Electric Sceptics to Electric Champions. But did it work?

We’ve long been in love with cars, and there are stark differences between our diesels and petrols and their battery-powered successors. But electric cars have a number of practical and inspirational touches that, over time, will excite us as much.

There’s the onboard tech, the streamlined systems and the enviable handling that make them a new and exciting way to drive. There’s also the reduced running costs, their greener credentials and an increasing choice at different prices.

Sure there’s work to be done on the infrastructure and charge times, and there are ways to more efficiently reuse and dispose of batteries, but we’re at the start of a long journey towards something special with electric cars. Read more about the benefits and downsides of owning an electric car.