EV Insights

Episode One: Are EVs fun to drive?

Auto Trader

Auto Trader took a group of petrolheads out on a track day with Rory Reid to see if they could be converted from Electric Sceptics to Electric Champions. But did it work?

The first sceptic told us that electric cars 'take the fun and skill out of driving’. Watch to find out how they felt after a spin in a Porsche Taycan.

Of course, you’d expect a certain level of performance from a Porsche. But even standard, everyday electric models are exceptionally fun to drive. As electric cars are automatic and have no gears, they’re incredibly easy to get going. Simply hop in, hit start and set off.

As a rule, electric motors are powerful and responsive – and they tend to have more torque than petrol or diesel models, meaning they’re quicker to accelerate and swift when driving.

When electric cars are built around their batteries, the battery tends to be between the axles – meaning there’s a lower centre of gravity and much better driving dynamics. Coupled with stiff suspension, this gives electric cars a sporty, certain, and comfortable driving experience.