EV Insights

Episode Five: Are electric cars faster than normal cars?

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There are the superfans, the tentatively curious, the actively looking to switch. Then there are those who just cannot, will not, entertain the idea that electric cars can be as exciting as petrol or diesel cars.

So, we decided to invite five of our Facebook petrolhead followers to a track day with Rory Reid in an attempt to change their mind and convert them to an Electric Champion.

Our last guest got in touch to tell us electric cars are “not very fast or efficient”. Watch to find out whether a spin in an Audi RS E-Tron GT changed his mind.

Looking at electric cars more generally, including your standard family-friendly models, there are two elements to consider when we talk about speed: acceleration and maintaining that speed.

When it comes to acceleration, the bit most drivers are bothered about, electric cars hold an advantage in their instant torque. There’s no waiting for power to build up or for the transmission to get in gear; you just hit the accelerator and you’re away. As they have fewer moving parts, electric cars are able to tap into more of their available horsepower too.

The lack of transmission does mean that electric cars can’t sustain those high speeds for as long as a petrol or diesel model. This will likely change as manufacturers invest more in electric drivetrains, so watch this space.