Accelerating the change to more sustainable mobility.

Fredrika Klarén
Sustainability at Polestar

From the outset, we’ve been all in. Our intention, to guide our industry forward, to be the change we know needs to happen, and to usher in a new era of sustainable electric performance. That means improving, innovating, experimenting, and leaving no stone unturned in our ambition to create an emissions-free future for automotive.

World EV Day is the catalyst our industry needs.

So, when a day comes along dedicated to just that, we do more than get involved. We go all in and become a co-founder. World EV Day is the catalyst our industry needs. It’s another tipping point for manufacturers, customers, and everyone else who realises that this change is both positive and necessary. And it’s a chance for us to further amplify our message of a more sustainable, fully electric future.

At Polestar we recognise that the journey to sustainable mobility is exactly that, a journey.  We don't have all the answers, but we are dedicated to progress and we firmly believe the sooner we start the sooner we will reach our goal.  You can already see this approach in our products.

Polestar 1 was our first move. An electric performance hybrid with a longer pure electric range of any of its contemporaries, Polestar 1 is what happens when an obsession with detail meets an absolute lack of compromise.

We have followed it up with Polestar 2, our now critically acclaimed first all-electric car and a blueprint for all our future vehicles. Minimalistic, avant-garde design. Vegan interior as standard. A precedent-setting, native Android infotainment system with Google built in, a world first.

And we have a clear vision for our future, brought to life by Polestar Precept. A commitment car, rather than a concept car, Precept is the near future of Polestar, now. Both the interior and the exterior of Precept feature sustainable or recycled materials which have created new design opportunities due to their unique characteristics.

Our products are one thing. Where we produce them is another. Going all in means optimising processes as well as products to be sustainable and ecologically friendly, and our production facility located in Chengdu, China embodies this approach. With gold status certification in the internationally recognised LEED ratings, Polestar Chengdu raises the bar for car factories in China.

So, that covers the what and the where. What needs continued focus is the how.

Greater transparency, industry wide, is vital. And it isn’t relegated to production. Our goal is more holistic, more inclusive. Transparency is also less a destination than a journey. As new processes and technologies become available, new possibilities are revealed. The spirit of innovation and experimentation is vital. As stated before, if something has a glimmer of potential, we give it a try.

By being both honest and aspirational in our efforts, we hope to also be inspirational. This journey we’re on is even better when it’s shared. Greater transparency should be everyone’s goal, a rallying cry for every industry to push for a future in which true sustainability is normal.  We hope to inspire others to add their voices to a chorus calling for openness and progress. The more the merrier.

We believe these changes are what’s needed. The challenges that we as a society were already grappling with have been magnified by current events, and the need to move forward from here has never been clearer.  More sustainable electric mobility moves us forward, it is a crucial step.

We’re doing all we can to drive progress. Becoming a founding partner of World EV Day is one of those things.