About World EV Day

World EV Day is a global movement, a day of celebration of emobility, and a day to shift the transition to sustainable transport with consumer, business and policy outcomes.

In its inaugural year, 2020, World EV Day is a largely social media led campaign to engage consumers around the sustainability benefits of EVs.

World EV Day works with its partners to either create digitally led creative campaigns, or provides the tools and channels for our partners to work on their own campaigns.

World EV Day also works alongside Green.TV’s EV Summit to host high level business and policy events, bringing the world’s emobility leaders together to discuss the key narratives driving electrification and sustainable transport forwards.

eMobility and the Green Recovery
(Moderator: Ade Thomas)

Marketing and eMobility
(Moderator: Ade Thomas)

eMobility in US Cities
(Moderator: James Carter)

Investing in US eMobility
(Moderator: James Carter)

World EV Day is an initiative created by sustainability media company, Green.TV.